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SCTV is one of leading Internet service providers in Vietnam, which offers high-speed broadband Internet access through cable television network by employing data transfer technology over hybrid fiber-coaxial infrastructure (DOCSIS).  Notwithstanding providing purely Internet service, SCTV has strived to conduct research, apply and develop many additional online services in both the Internet and cable television stream. One of our innovative applications is Online TV.

In many developed countries, the number of TV cable subscribers is decreasing and people turn to watch Tv over their computer screens. This leads Web TV to be favorite and popular. Because of this new television trend, SCTV has developed TV Online Service aiming to fill the demand of a large number of TV lovers. Now you can watch television in the Internet by visit the link:

SCTV’s TV Online Service is functioned entirely through the Internet by web browsers and IP. The special feature of this application is that customer can watch all channels of SCTV in the computer screens instead of television at the same time. Moreover, customers can choose the appropriate resolution for the quality of image depending on the internet-streaming speed.  There are even 2 to 3 options.  In fact, currently most of the other TV Online services only provide customers a certain resolution, while SCTV offers many choice of different resolution, compression techniques are also used flash so the storage capacity will be lighter, and the image will not be blurred.

With commitment to provide Internet stream maximum reached 1MB while its average speed is normally 369 KB, SCTV allows customers to use 3 functions: watch cable TV, use Internet and watch TV Online at the same time with stable quality. 

In near future, SCTV will continue developing supplementary services such as Time Shift TV, PVR and VOD. Time Shift TV allows viewers to record a live program without interruption, so that viewers can watch at any time more convenient. PVR (Personal Video Recorder) is a consumer electronic device which is used like a personal recording storage. VOD (Video On Demand) is defined like a video service made by viewers’ demand.

Based on the strengths in good infrastructure, innovative equipments and technologies and nationwide coverage, SCTV is proud to be the top television service provider in Vietnam proved with acclaimed facilities. According to the Government Pathways Programs, SCTV will digitalize the entire channels until 2015 and as the result; customer will receive best quality services from our advancement of modern television technology.

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