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Sample moderation process and registration of advertising schedule:

Step 1:
Within at least 05 working days before the first scheduled day of broadcasting, the customer sends the advertising sample tape and the Legal papers related to products and services are included in the sample tape for SCTV to review and approve the content. The advertisement sent to SCTV must be recorded on disc or put on the internet in the standard format announced by SCTV and must meet the technical requirements (audio, video) and each link or each disc contains unique one advertisement. In case the customer records many different advertising samples (or programs) in the same disc or link, SCTV has the right to refuse to accept those advertisements. The advertisement form must comply with the legal documents (attached) and the content must comply with the provisions of the Law on Advertising and its implementation guidelines.
Step 2:
After 02 working days from the date of receipt of the advertisement sample, SCTV will send a notice to the customer about the result of ad approval. After being approved, the advertisement template will be provided with a tape code and used to register to broadcast advertising on SCTV's channels. In case the advertisement sample is not approved, SCTV will email (or fax) to the customer SCTV's opinion so that the customer has a idea on how to adjust the content of the advertisement.
Step 3:
Broadcast registration: customers send broadcast registration schedule to SCTV (can be sent via fax, scan, email or sent in writing). A valid broadcast registration schedule must ensure the following factors:
a. According to the form provided by SCTV;
b. Fill in all information, especially the tape code, product name, advertising time code required to register for broadcast of the customer;
c. Signed by the person signing the Contract (or the person authorized to do the transaction) and stamped by the customer, unless otherwise agreed.
d. The broadcast schedule must be sent to SCTV 3 working days before the first broadcast.
e. The adjustment form must be sent to SCTV 02 working days before the first broadcast.

Step 4:
SCTV checks the validity of broadcast subscription schedule, checks SCTV's overall broadcast time and signs confirmation to send back to customers via fax or confirmation by email (this is the way that SCTV and customer can summarize the monthly advertisement broadcast and resolve disputes between two partners about the broadcast of this advertisement)

Step 5:
SCTV broadcasts according to customer's request

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