Package service: TV and Internet SCTV
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The combo internet and cable TV package of SCTV is the most preferential and attractive package, bringing many practical benefits to customers. Customers can both save maximum costs and fully enjoy all services SCTV brings.

Promotion of SCTV internet and cable TV combo package:
  • Equipped with high-quality wifi modem, broadband, ultra-long broadcast range.
  • Equipped with SD, HD digital receiver.
  • Addition free time when paying in advance.
  • Free service pack SCTV Online Plus.< /li>
  • Free survey, installation service.

Television and Internet package combo save up to 50% compared to using individual services combined

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The above price list does not apply promotions. For promotion details, please contact Customer Service Hotline 1900 1878 or the nearest branch.

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  • DVB-T2 KTS: Hundreds of unique TV channels, sharp images, HD quality.
  • ANALOG: Dozens of TV channels.
  • SD: Over 130 SD-quality digital TV channels.
  • HD: Nearly 200 digital channels of exceptional HD quality.
  • SCTV ONLINE PLUS: Watch movies on demand, watch at the same time on 3 mobile devices, PC.
  • SCTV ONLINE PREMIUM: Watch movies on demand, watchable on 1 Smart TV device, Android box.

Using the package Combo internet and cable TV SCTV , customers can comfortably watch movies, surfing web, using Video Call, Facebook, Zalo, Youtube with extreme fast Internet access. Along with television services with high definition quality, vivid and realistic sound, you can watch nearly 200 channels of various genres. (See SCTV channel table list Here)

Household customers should use the Eco Combo package with the price from only 220,000 VND, customers can use SCTV's super-fast internet and super-definition television package service. Services include 50 Mbps high-speed Internet access, watching nearly 200 TV channels with many HD quality channels.

Register for installation

Currently, whenever customers need to register for the SCTV cable TV service, please contact directly Customer care and installation hotline 1900 1878, 24/7.

  • Customers will be advised on suitable packages, notified of promotions and incentives.
  • Customers need to prepare 1 photo ID / Citizen ID card in advance (no need to notarize).
  • SCTV staff will sign the contract at home and install the service within 4 working hours.
  • After installation, customers check the good signal before signing the contract.