Super Definition TV

SCTV is proud to be a pioneer in Vietnam in the field of cable television with outstanding technical advantages and advanced technology.

super net television

After 30 years of operation in the field of providing cable TV services, with 1 GHz technology, node 500, a 2-way multi-service network, SCTV is broadcasting more than 70 Analog TV channels, more than 200 digital TV channels, including over 80 HDTV standard channels, producing many special SD and HD channels.

In the field of pay TV, content is always considered an important factor in determining the station's survival. Therefore, SCTV is constantly developing a variety of content, specializing in unique and diverse channels along with the exchange of copyrights for international famous channels, fully meeting the information and entertainment needs of a large audience of all ages. All ages, all professions. SCTV channels have diverse and rich content, many specialized content suitable to the culture of each region across the country.

SCTV1 - Specialized comedy channel:
Broadcasting 24 hours a day with youthful style, diverse and rich content, is a new breeze of the television system SCTV cable. In particular, the Specialized Comedy Channel will have 02 completely new comedy programs at 8:30 and 21:30 every day. These are the first comedies published on the screen…

Is a music and entertainment TV channel specialized in image quality and rich in content to suit the diverse entertainment needs of Vietnamese people. Vietnamese youth, broadcast 24/24h.

Is the only children's channel in the group of self-invested SCTV channels. With the message "Looking at the world, reaching for dreams", SEE TV - SCTV3 will bring children to a magical world full of colors and charm. SEE TV is changing drastically to become a "made in Vietnam" children's channel for young audiences and their families in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole country in general.

SCTV4 - General entertainment:
SCTV4 synthesizes domestic and foreign entertainment programs, updated news in the program "Today's rhythm of life", feature films. Special Vietnam, Asian movies, Cinema World weekend movies and gameshows, travel, food, architecture... broadcast 24 hours a day.

SCTV5 - SCJ TV Shopping:
Is the first authentic home shopping TV channel in Vietnam.

SCTV6 - Wave Music TV:
A new generation entertainment TV channel. With a distinct identity, in a television space that sublimes and explodes with emotions, SCTV6 offers TV viewers new choices, ways to explore delicate and colorful life.

SCTV7 - Platform and Stage Channels:
with pure Vietnamese features including: Cai Luong, Snippets, Vietnamese Feature Films. Most prominent with the familiar Cai Luong time frame at 19:30 and 10 pm every night, which is loved and received by a large audience.

Is an economic and financial television channel specializing in providing information, economic indicators, stock indexes, gold prices, oil prices, domestic and international foreign exchange rates.

SCTV9 – Asian Movie Channels:
With 7 main broadcast hours per day, including 2 parallel time frames with TVB Hong Kong, the content is carefully selected. more, diverse in genres, from ancient, swordplay to criminal, contemporary socio-psychology, from classic masterpieces to movies shot with advanced technology and techniques; Besides, SCTV9 is a channel specializing in broadcasting Hong Kong TVB movies - a famous film studio throughout Asia and globally with more than 50 years of experience - close in expression, similar in culture, always towards human values, recalling the memories of many generations, Vietnameseized through excellent dubbing techniques; Therefore, SCTV9 channel is always the first choice of a large number of television viewers across the country, especially in the South.

A familiar and reputable home shopping TV channel in the hearts of Vietnamese consumers. SCTV10 introduces in detail and vividly about products to help consumers understand the features and practical information about reputable quality products that are popular in the world, especially in Japan and Japan. Korea…

SCTV11 - TV Star:
Is a general entertainment television channel belonging to the SCTV cable television system. The channel's brand personality is built in an idyllic, friendly and fun style, close to the Vietnamese family. TVStar channel - SCTV11 always brings to the audience the best movies from leading Asian countries such as Korea, China, Thailand, India..., with the participation of famous TV stars. language. In addition, coming to TVStar - SCTV11 channel, the audience can also enjoy classic movies of TVB - Hong Kong television. Besides, TVStar channel - SCTV11 also self-produced two entertainment shows "Golden Melody" and "Golden Hope", which were loved by many viewers during the past time.

Touch the colorful ANIMAL WORLD
TRAVEL to beautiful lands rich in identity. Experience the FOOD space that awakens all senses. Break all limits to unleash the DISCOVER the secrets of life.
SCTV12 – beyond all limits
SCTV12 – Travel & Discovery Channel

SCTV13 - LadyTV:
A TV channel dedicated to women and families. SCTV13 brings a separate world for women with colorful information and columns from happy dishes, modern beauty treatments, to psychological conversations for young women. relationships in a family home.

SCTV14 - Vietnamese Film Channel:
With the desire to give the audience a closer perspective on Vietnamese culture and people, SCTV14 channel did not stop innovating in terms of content as well as genre, to meet the increasing entertainment needs of the audience. During the past years, SCTV14 has received enthusiastic support from Vietnamese film-loving audiences across the country. And especially, SCTV14 is always in the Top of SCTV TV channels with high and stable ratings in Ho Chi Minh City market.
In 2020, SCTV14 – Vietnamese film channel is expected to double the number of new movies broadcast in 05 prime time frames: 17h45, 18h45, 19h45, 20h45, 21h45. The films that are prioritized for selection are country 1 films (first broadcast in Vietnam), good films with a variety of topics, rich in genres, bringing the audience to experience many different emotional fields: Frame 17:45, 18:45, 19:45 are psychological and social films with love of couples and above all love for the homeland, stories from wartime to peace day, from rural to urban and even the hidden corners of modern life are full of temptations; Besides, the frame of 20h45, 21h45 are socio-psychological films, thrilling action about the battle between good and evil; In addition, there is also a genre of interwoven comedy that promises to bring the audience light laughter, relaxation...v...v.

SSPORT sports channel system:
belongs to SCTV cable television with four main channels: SSPORT – SCV17, SSPORT1 - SCTV22, SSPORT2-SCTV15 and SSPORT3-BTV5 will bring to audiences fascinating and colorful sports experiences around the world.
The entire Spanish football league - LaLiga, the best matches in the French football league - Ligue 1, along with the French League Cup and the world's oldest club tournament, the FA Cup. of the United Kingdom. In addition, there are also new flavors from the American professional football tournament MLS and the A-League of Australia kangaroo country.
SCTV16 - special foreign movies:
Is the first TV channel in Vietnam to bring Hollywood action movies with 24/24h broadcast. SCTV16 will introduce to the audience movies from leading Hollywood production studios: Fox Action Movies, 20th Century FOX, etc.

SCTV18 - 18 Channel:
As a channel with a youthful and dynamic color, Channel 18 takes the audience on a journey of diverse emotions: exciting with a lively, fun anime world. with popular sitcoms or romance, sweet with Korean, Chinese and TVB series, SCTV's own TVB. With the message "Live it up - Live to the fullest", Channel 18 directs the audience to a full lifestyle in its own way.

SCTV19 - Chanel T:
Television channel dedicated to Vietnamese teenagers. Chanel T with the symbol of a book page symbolizes the path of learning and discovering knowledge of young people. Open book symbol of learning knowledge is unlimited, there is no end. ChanelT with gentle and highly entertaining educational content, always brings the audience freshness and steps into the world of technology, of attractive new generation entertainment content.

A music channel with programs such as World Star, Music Picture, Moc, Immortal Love Song, Golden Melody...

SCTV21 – Vietnam Memory Channel:
is a TV channel specializing in historical, cultural and artistic programs and social life of Vietnamese people. through different periods. Vietnam memory promises to bring television viewers new content, bold Vietnamese identity; contribute to honoring, preserving and spreading the traditional and precious values of the nation.

SCTV Movie Channel:
Is a channel of selective synthetic movies broadcast 24 hours a day. The movies broadcast on General Film channel are carefully selected from domestic and foreign featured films such as France, USA, Italy, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China...

In particular, SCTV is the unit that owns the leading foreign channel package in Vietnam with channels: Cinemax, Disney Channel, CNN, BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Fashion TV, Animal Planet...

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